Freedom Metal Detecting Forum - One Week In Thoughts

Howdy Folks! I figured I’d check in now that Freedom Metal Detecting Forum has been up and running for a week. Hard to believe that last Thursday evening this whole thing went from an idea spitballed back and forth between me and Gauntlet to a fleshed out and evolving forum slowly coming up on 50 members.

While the membership base might be small, for me it’s been probably one of the better forum experience I’ve had in years. People are posting and sharing stuff related to metal detecting, which is why we are all here, and besides the random venting here and there about where we came from, we’ve left the drama of the other forums behind. That’s not to say that it won’t happen, you can’t regulate human nature completely, but I selected this specific forum software because it offered options to deal with anything that you may not want to see. You can completely blackhole a user if they irritate you, mute entire forums/subforums if that content doesn’t interest you, and basically set this up so that when you log on to Freedom Metal Detecting Forum everything is displayed exactly how you prefer it. If something isn’t meeting the mark please let me know and I’ll rapidly make changes. I’m not married to anything and super flexible, and I have zero ego when it comes to feedback and criticism of the website…it’s not my baby, I didn’t carry it in my womb for 9 months, so I won’t be offended at all if you tell me it’s ugly, I’d only ask that you work with me to help make it prettier.

We have a couple contests going on. First is the Legend giveaway. I realized looking at the statistics that while we may hit 1,000 members before the summer is over based on current growth, we may not hit the other requirement of 20 percent active members. So I came up with a slight change to the 20 percent that will make it easier to give out the Legend, and wayyyyyyy more fair to those currently participating in the forum. I’ll publish those changes in the Legend giveaway post this weekend. Gauntlet has a contest currently going on, so please stop by the Contests subforum and check it out!

If you’re enjoying what we have going on here and know someone who may be interested, please extend them an invitation to come hang out. Just note that two of the more popular forums out there will issue out a ban for talking about it, so please don’t mention it on other forums even through PMs (yep, they read your PMs). I actually enjoy one of those forums and have many friends there, I just had a singular issue that they chose not to address, and since it was the only forum close to meeting what I enjoyed I campaigned for change. So here we are, and it’s been nice to get back to talking shop about detecting and sharing finds, even if it’s my usual clad. And while I vented a couple times about it over the past week, I’ve decided going forward that it’s all out of my system, and I’m happily leaving any negativity behind. I always want to make it known that I absolutely don’t think anyone should leave another forum for this place. Heck, at one point I was active on 3 different forums; Friendly, Findmall, and Dankowski. But for various reasons it slowly whittled down to Friendly. I never did check out Detector Prospecter, but after Rattlehead mentioned it in his recent video of us I decided to, and they have a pretty great forum too, not sure really how I missed really checking them out sooner. I just registered there and plan on participating as it seems like a cool place.

I don’t really have any rules for this place yet, but I’ll put something together this weekend. They will be simple, and for the most part we’re going to operate as close to 1st Amendment principles as possible. That will look something like this: If it’s already illegal to say don’t say it here. If it’s not something you would want your 12ish to 17ish year old kid hearing, keep it the Not Family Friendly subforum (except porn, I’m sure you can find better places than here for that). If there is a user that rubs you the wrong way (it happens to all of us) and you don’t want to see their posts or replies, put them on ignore. If there is a forum or subforum you don’t like, put it on mute. That is pretty much the gist of it. I’d rather deal with individual situations as they come up than try to preemptively make a ton of rules for every and any situation. I’ve chosen not to lock the classifieds behind any specific restrictions or rules. Common sense applies, vet the person you are thinking of dealing with. If you’re not good at that, hit me up and I’m happy to help.

OK, my novel is finished. Just want to thank everyone that chose to register here and hang out. My hope is that ultimately when people think about the best metal detecting forum out there they think of us, and I’ll make sure I do my best on the back end to make that a reality. Hope everyone has a great weekend full of good targets in your pouch!


And look, with pretty much zero in the way of Forum “Rules”, things seem to be going extremely well, Nobody here stirring the crap pot.

Funny what a difference that makes…