Found an iPhone

…and unfortunately it is dead. Must have gotten wet.

Also found $3 in change. Overall not a bad couple hours at my local schoolyard.


Glad to see someone getting out and detecting, congrats on the finds!

Are those phones worth anything for scrap parts?

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I looked on eBay and some of the newer broken iphones are sold for scrap parts for maybe $25-$100. This one is an older model (5S) so extra parts aren’t in demand anymore. Not really worth anything.

I know what you mean about being glad to see someone getting out to detect… I have been detecting very infrequently because of how hot and dry it is right now. Guys up north talk about using the winter months for researching instead of detecting, but here in TN the summer is my research time!!

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I’m currently doing the same, using the miserably high temps to do some research. I’m printing overlay pics, finding and recording landowners name and numbers. I don’t intend to attempt contact with them until closer to fall, lol otherwise too much time for them to forget about it, or change their minds.

I’m expecting a couple packages in the mail, a case for my new phone, and the parts for the ATP. After that, I’m considering going to scratch some clad out of the gravel parking lot at a couple ball diamonds. With the heat and lack of rain, I won’t dig in the grass as odds of leaving brown spots aren’t worth it.

But I’m itchin’ to go. I’d love to find some pasture to hunt, and will be looking for that over the course of this week.

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Most IPhones turn to what is called a brick because you wont be able to use it as a phone. I’ve found quite a collection of phones, I’ve tried in vain to return them to the owners, Usually they report it missing, service is closed on the lost phone and transferred to a new phone, Like removable faceplates on car radios this action makes the phone worthless if stolen.
If you factory reset it everything works, The Camera, WiFi, Downloadable Maps, and what I use it the most for a great MP3 player. You can even set them up as IP security cameras around your house.
Like I mentioned… you wont be able to get phone service on it.
Unfortunately less then a week ago I found another new I-Phone… up against my house just below a window where my daughter was sleeping, I could see were they stood as if peering into the window as they stepped on some of the ground cover plants that I have planted there.
From analyzing the evidence it looks like they were leaning in to see over the AC in the window when their phone must have dropped out of their pocket. Unfortunately I haven’t installed my security cams yet and accessing the contents of the phone is impossible without the correct pin.
Very few people can hack into them and Apple refuses to help those in dire need of retrieving the contents even when a death is involved.
There is gold inside along with other valuable metals if one so desired to reclaim the metals it takes a whole lotta of them to equal anything of value, Like finding flour gold in Michigan… ON a small scale recovery you’ll spend more on collecting and refining then you will get on your ROI.
Now if the phone is in good condition and you know your way around electronics there are many parts of a phone that people seek to repair their own phones with such as the cameras, the screens, ports, ect…

Call and file a police report, let them find the owner of the phone and have him to explain why you’d found it on your property. If he tries to claim it was stolen, have them track the GPS. I’d also wanting to be informed if he was a registered perv.