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I am having a hard time trying to get on this forum for some reason. This time when I finally got on here I went through my email from a reply I made on the forum. Everything else that I tried failed to get connected on here. The first time it finally popped up, this time it didn’t.

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How about a other classified section to sell what ever that is legal to sell.

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I like the way that you can enlarge pictures, but I think there should another stage lower then the highest stage. Also either be able to click on and drag the picture or click on the area you want to enlarge because when the picture is enlarged some of it don’t show.

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Sorry, didn’t see this before.

Let Chris get the site reconfigured, and we’ll go from there. That might even resolve the issue.

You know, initially there was, but I talked to Chris about it, and felt they give a site a "Flea Market’ appearance. However, I was reconsidering this just today. Give us a couple days (Chris is busy) for the smoke to clear.

All I can do is acknowledge your suggestion, the IT part is on Chris.

Sorry, again give it a couple days to get other issues lined-out.

Thanks to both of you for the suggestions.

Odd, some of my pics will click and enlarge, others won’t.

Can you give me an example of which post so I can look into it?

Is this still happening? And if so, is it happening when you try to manually enter into your browser? If so, could you also try

Can you link one so I can check it out. Thanks :slight_smile:

Todays Finds Post

FYI- Chris just told me it’s because some images I don’t upload, I link them here from an image hosting site.

So if you want your pics to be clickable to enlarge, be sure to upload, not link.

See, this is why I’m here, to serve as a bad example for others.

Don’t do like I do.

So I looked into this and right now it only has the three stages; first is the thumbnail in the post. Second is when you click the thumbnail, it will resize to as big as your screen will support showing the whole image. And third is it will display the image in it’s native size, which is what you are seeing that takes up more space than you have screen. You can move around that giant image by pushing your middle mouse button in and then moving your mouse around, or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to go up and down that giant image.

Once I migrate everything over and I have access to plugins, I’ll probably be able to change that.

Now the site pops up when I type it in.