Forum Notice

Howdy folks! I realized yesterday that I made a choice when I set up the website that initially saved me some pain, but long term will make things difficult and costly for me. So today I’m going to fix that while we are still young and the userbase is still on the small side.

At some point later today, the website will go into read only mode and you will see a global notice go out that the change is happening. I predict it will take about an hour or two, and then everything will be back to normal, and the website will be postured a lot better to grow. This will allow me to add all sorts of pretty awesome forum functionality via plugins without being nickel and dimed by a middleman (current provider is charging $100 a month just to add plugins), and at the point I finish the change I will be in control of everything related to the website from the backend to the front end and not beholden to anyone. How I initially deployed the forum software made it easy, but in essence I don’t really control it.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

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I’ll probably put this off until tomorrow, the 2nd of June. Got a steroid shot in my spine today and it gave me a massive migraine, can hardly see straight.

Hope you get feeling better!