Forum Features Tips and Tricks

I’m going to start a master thread of tips and tricks I’ve figured out as I’m learning this new forum software.

First up, to quote someone you just highlight their text by clicking and dragging and you will see a quote option pop up. That will automatically drop the quote in the draft box below. You can do that multiple times to quote multiple people. And in case you didn’t notice, to the right of the box where you are writing your post is a real-time preview box of what your published post will look like.

This place is turning out a lot better than the other place.

Easier to use and freedom is great!

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There is a hidden forum for those comfortable with adult only topics and not easily offended, sailor talk, etc. If you would like access to this forum, hit the icon with three lines next to your profile picture in the upper right, then select groups, then join “Not Easily Offended”. That will open up the hidden/locked group.

Another tip, this forum has a fully optimized mobile version. Just pull it up from your phone’s web browser, and everything is really well displayed for being on a phone.

Also to post pics or videos, simply copy the link/address and paste it directly into the reply text box, that’s it.

Looks good on my phone and everything worked great.


Just want to share a good video that was made for beginners to this forum software.

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I had actually went to their website and read prior to finding this video. LOL, so I guess it’s helping me.

Just a bit of a different formatting than I’m use to, but I’m just not “up to date” with technology, in any form.

So thanks for posting this, it is helpful and helped me in even navigating the site.

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Nobody requested it, but I just added a new feature. You can now insert GIFs into posts right from the toolbar in the reply box.

Cosmo Kramer Mind Blown GIF

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