Fiskars is ghosting me on warranty

Showed broken digger here:

Took Chris’s advice, contacted Fiskars along with photo. They replied with an email and claim number.

Thank you for contacting Fiskars, this is an auto response email confirming we have received your contact. Please read all instructions listed below.

We are working hard to process your claim as quickly as possible. Unless we have a question or concern with your claim, an email will be sent to you when your replacement part or item has shipped. Typically you should receive within 14-21 business days.

For your reference, your claim has been saved in our system using the case number below.

That was June 4th.

I emailed them again yesterday, and all I’ve received is another auto-response.

Interesting. I have a bunch of Fiskars yard tools, I always spent the extra money because I thought the quality/warranty was worth the extra $$. Their splitting axe is very nice also. Please update this thread, I may have to change my consumer behavior.

Will do. I have other Fiskar tools as well, but likely won’t be buying any others if they don’t do what they say they’ll do.

Still no response, and I’m not expecting one.

Seems like many other “big businesses” , they no longer give a damn about their customers or honoring their warranty.

Just left a rating of my own.

Here’s the other companies they own as well, so keep those in mind when shopping:

One Star from BBB as well…

Emailed Fiskars again, basically just to tell them to get bent. Absolutely nothing from them regarding any form of response, outside of their auto-reply email.

What a worthless company to offer a lifetime warranty, only to screw you out of it when it comes time to stand behind their product.

Be sure to tell others before they get screwed by Fiskars as well. If more people did this, these ripoff liars would either go broke or get the message.

Be sure to include all their other brands, so people can avoid those as well, not to mention checking company reviews on Trustpilot and BBB, but on BBB be sure to look at reviews, and not the grade (which totally makes no sense).

So to Fiskars, a hearty…

Warranties no longer mean a heck of a lot to some manufacturers. They are kind of like insurance. Meaning, the manufacturer or insurance company will do everything possible to deny the claim.

In this instance, your only viable recourse is to post as many negative reviews as you can, or post your experience directly on Fiscar’s Facebook page. Since the latter is available for all the public to see, then that will usually get their attention.

Fiskars | Facebook

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Thanks, but I don’t do FB.

What goes around comes around. People need to start checking complaints before spending their cash, regardless of who it is or how long they’ve been in business.

Crappy Customer Service and lies are now the norm.

Trustpilot and BBB are a couple, as well as simply doing a web search for complaints against the business of your choice.

LOL, just found an email from Fiskars claiming my pic didn’t “attach correctly”.

Hell after 30 days I’d have expected a much better bullshit excuse than that.

I’ve noticed the same thing from other companies. For whatever reason, customer service and warranty issues don’t seem to be their top priority anymore.

They’ve been given the perfect excuses for it from our leaders

2- War in Ukraine
4-Orange man bad