First trip out with the Legend

Got tired of trying to load the v1.08 update so walked across the street from my house in a field that I have detected at many times. It was just baled and the ground overturned so a good time to hit it. According to an 1854 map there was a homestead there. No trace of it now except for the many flat buttons, horse tack and slate roofing nails I have found. I just ran the basic settings in field mode to get the feel of the machine. In 1 1/2 hrs I found 4 flat buttons, part of a large crotal bell, couple 30-30 cases and a headstamp. Also, a lead nail? suspender piece, and a fancy metal piece. Oh yeah, also a KG II. Only the second coin I have found in this field. The other one being an 8 Reale.



“Oh yeah…and a KG II” lol

Nice assortment of finds!

Lead head nails are used for metal roofing.

I miss living in the country (I’m rural, but not country), and hope to move back to it one day.

Wow, amazing first hunt. I’m envious!

The nail was square and all lead. Never saw one like this before.

I just realized that you are not too far up the river from me. I’m down in Southern York County along the Susquehanna.

You know what that means. Detector outing!!


Honestly, I didn’t even look at the pic of the nail until now, I just assumed…yeah, I know, lol.

Anyway, I don’t know I’d consider that a nail. Lead is found in all sorts of shapes.

I’m up for it, definitely. Let me know when. Have you ever detected on board Indiantown Gap?

I live next to Fort Indiantown Gap. Detecting on the post is off limits but Memorial lake state park, which is in the middle of the Indiantown Gap is fine


Similar situation down here at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. I know all DOD operate under the same CFR, but down at Camp Lejeune I have seen guys detecting. When I asked them, they said they got permission from PMO.

Cleaned up the KG II. Pretty worn. Also, a carved lead piece and fancy button. Headed out this afternoon for a bit. Only a 150 yard walk and the only place you can dig. Ground is rock hard everywhere else.

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More buttons out of this field this morning but used the Nox instead of the Legend.

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