First time water hunting

I have been strictly a land hunter, never water hunted but due to the ground being so dry, the low water level and it being so hot I decided to go to a local creek and give it a whirl. I grabbed the Nox and hunted next to a bridge, and I am assuming this was a water crossing area in the 1700’s. It’s always been a popular site for swimming, wading, fishing and launching boats so I had high hopes. Coins started coming immediately. I don’t own a scoop, the bottom is extremely rocky, and I looked like an idiot out there with a shovel. But I continued on and near the opposite side I get a jumpy 27-34 signal. Took me about 5 minutes using my fingers to dig and I finally pull up a 1746 KG II. My second KG in as many days!
I continue on pulling clad and then I get a 12 signal occasional jumping to 13-14. I’m thinking nickel or pull tab. After floundering around moving rocks and gravel my pin pointer finally alerts me I’m close. Couple hand fulls of gravel and out comes a shiny 14k men’s band.


Nice! Killer day of finds. I’d love to have a waterway close that shallow with a hard bottom , everything here’s muck and snakes.

Congrats on the finds!

Pretty great results for the first time there… Bet there is more where that came from!

Nice job on the finds. My water areas around here are super rocky too. I found it easiest to use a small hand digger and basically pry the rocks apart from each other. The 32" shovel wasnt very useful and the scoop was a total joke! Be sure to poke around downstream to catch the stuff that floods have moved over the years.

I don’t know how I missed this initially, but I just read your second water hunt report and it made me look for the first. Great work, amazing finds!

Have you been enjoying the Legend?

Thank you! Still learning the Legend. I only got it a week ago so only hunted dirt one time. Still partial to the Equinox since I know it well.


I have a quick question- so even though I know it was your first time water hunting, you had tremendous success. Which got me to thinking about some of the local trout streams near old mill sites. I am wondering if you think those have been pounded as much as the fields and parks? Logic tells me no, and I have a lot of colonial era mill creeks around me. From fishing the creeks, I know most land ownership goes to the flood line or high tide line in brackish. Am I wrong in the assumption that creeks may present a less pounded area?

Definitely less detected, if at all.