First 5 Hour Hunt with the Legend 1.08 Update

Alright folks, no hoodoo voodoo here, just my initial thoughts after wrapping up a 5 hour hunt with the Legend. Deeper thoughts will follow when I get hydrated and rested. In no specific order:

  1. I took it out to the oldest closest park I’ve been hunting for 5 years that seldom gives up anything anymore, not even modern coins. I cross checked every single target with the Deus 2 running the Deus 2 in Fast, Reactivity on 1.5, Bottle caps on 0, Silencer on 0 to 1, sensitivity 99, Disc set to 7, pitch tones, nothing notched.

  2. The update really upped the detectors game. I mean massively. I see no scenario where I would ever recommend the Equinox over the Legend now.

  3. When you factor in swing speed, the Legend is now out-separating the Deus 2 unless you put the D2 reactivity on 2.5 at the expense of depth. So let me explain this as there is a caveat. I have an aggressive pretty fast swing speed. With the Legend on Iron Filter set to 4, Stability set to 4, on Park in M3, I am smashing targets mixed within heavy iron. With the D2 I’m missing the targets at the same aggressive swing speed. Knowing where the targets are, I can slow the D2 down and get them to register, but I can’t with my usual swing speed. So if you are low and slow this wouldn’t matter. I tried every combo of settings and programs but couldn’t get the D2 to match what I was getting with the Legend at my preferred aggressive swing speed.

  4. After swinging the D2 for so long the Legend feels like swinging an iron anvil.

  5. The D2 set up correctly still has the edge for absolute depth in clean ground.

  6. EDIT - I unlisted the video to prevent someone I despise from sharing it on Friendly’s. If you’d like to see it just private message me for a link. There is another bug with nickels that I found and got on video, just uploaded to my YouTube channel. - YouTube

Ok, more thoughts to follow once I hydrate up and can see straight again.

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Sounds impressive! Especially considering the price of the Legend. I’m still learning the D2 but feeling pretty confident with it. Once I feel like I have a good grasp on the XP, I’m going to pick up a Legend and start learning it. From everything I’ve seen so far, its a heck of a good detector. Probably going to try out whatever Minelab releases next too. I don’t know why, but I feel the urge to at least try every flagship detector that comes out. Damn this hobby. lol

I’m the same way my man, because ultimately, while I see tests and can make logical conclusions on those tests, I HAVE to use the detector myself for a decent period of time to make up my own mind. Except the Garrett Apex, I only needed about 8 hours on that to make up my mind, hahahaha.

I’m actually ordering another Legend for my Dad, but he won’t be using it until October when he is back in Myrtle Beach. If you want, I’ll order it and have it shipped to your house and you can spend as much time as you want on it before October and send to me when you’re done. Just let me know, and I’m not one of those prissy types, detectors are meant to be used, I don’t care if it comes to me looking used, it’s a tool.

And I’m definitely trying out whatever Minelab releases. While I never fell in love with the Equinox while simultaneously recognizing it’s performance, I was head over heels with both the CTX 3030 and Etrac.

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That is very kind of you to offer Chris. I do appreciate it. But I honestly need to get a couple more detectors to keep around anyway as backups or maybe even primaries… Not including the beginner machines I got for my grandkids and wife, I’m down to one! Just sold my CTX a couple of weeks ago. Also sold my D1 and Nox 800. I got rid of those to make room for new detectors. The Legend sounds like one that’s worth picking up for sure.

I do appreciate the offer though.

My pleasure man, and I’m the same way.

Just a heads up in case it speeds up your decision, Nokta Makro is running a promotion right now where you get freebies if you buy now. This is what made me decide to order my pops early. And you get all the same freebies even when you’re getting the dealer’s best offer. I went with the Pro Pack because I wanted the coil and the other extras were a nice bonus.

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Thanks man. That looks like a nice deal!

Thanks for the review. I have been wanting another detector to supplement my Nox. Leaning towards the Legend now. What price is the Pro-pack running right now?


TN Sharpshooter linked you’re video on Friendly :rofl:


I’m very much looking forward to the 9.5 x 5 coil. Much lighter than the stock coil, will get close to the same depth, and has much better separation.

Weird, I distinctly remember him taking a vow the same time Calabash Digger did to never talk about Nokta Makro detectors again, or even say their name. Well, I’d rather take the video down than let him link to it, which is what I just did.

If anyone wants to see the video just PM me, I’ll give you a custom link for it.

$685 for the Pro Pack Steve.

Thru who?


RE: The nickle issue.

I’ve found that 60-1 is iron wrap around. I wonder what would have happened if, just as a test, you raised the IF a little bit.

I can’t wait for that coil also. In the grand scheme of things, the Legend isn’t heavy, just the Deus 2 has turned me into a weakling. Another couple long hunts and I’ll have my swinging arm retrained again.

Through Jeff at Quality Metal Detectors.

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Thanks. I purchased from Jeff before.


Next time I’m out and get a similar signal I’ll run it through a bunch of tests and get a little more methodical with it. By the time I figured out I had a repeatable issue today I was racing the weather to get as much swinging in.

There’s a promo on the Legend:

The Legend - Nokta Makro Metal Detectors (

Yeah, that promo is why I’m ordering one for my old man now, I’m just gonna snatch the 6” coil from the pro-pack and he can heave the rest.

Sounds good Chris.

Is there a lot of iron in that park? It didn’t happen on all nickels, correct? If not, then along with the 60-1 possible iron wrap around, recheck the hole and plug when it happens again.