Family Farm Abandoned Cemetery

I’m in timber, not getting the best of swing 11" coil. I was wondering where are some of the most maybe unethical? or most unusual places people detect. I have other places, I’m too ashamed of mentioning.

Unusual and unethical are 2 different things.

Generally speaking, and I share the opinion, is that Cemeteries fall into the unethical category. It gives a poor impression to others of the hobby of metal detecting, and there isn’t a find worth doing that, unless of course a person doesn’t care.

I’ve detected areas surrounding Cemeteries where Churches were gone, and I stay a minimum of 15-20’ outside the outer markers or fence if it’s fenced.

Can’t specifically recall anything I’d consider as being in the “unusual” category.


I see no mention about hunting in a cemetery. I have hunted at the edge of a cemetery to help a guy find pieces of the fence so he could make it like it used to be.
Speaking of cemeteries. What is defined as a cemetery … where there are many bodies buried or just one, because every place someone is buried is not always marked. For example people that died in the civil war they are all not buried in big cemeteries …most are unmarked graves if they were even buried at all.
So if people are afraid of releasing evil spirits or offending someone if they happen to dig where someone is buried, they need to stop detecting and take up knitting or some other stupid thing like that.

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And I see no mention of “evil spirits”. Name all the places other than Cemeteries that would be considered unethical.

I expressed my opinion, and as far as I know, it’s no less valuable than anyone else’s.

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The evil spirits comment is from someone that I detected along with, when cemeteries was mentioned on friendly’s forum. I have no problem with anybody’s comments.
Sports fields with artificial turf would be one place that would be looked down on if someone was caught detecting there.

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OK, but remember, I’m enjoying my “vacation” from there. Oh, and when you said you saw no mention of cemeteries…look at the thread title.

Sports fields with astroturf could hardly be considered unethical. If someone couldn’t tell astroturf from sod, perhaps they’re the ones who should consider taking up knitting.

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The word cemetery does not really mean final resting place…I am not trying to bring religion into the discussion to cause arguments.
Caskets have floated up out of the ground where there have been floods. Some big cities dig up the caskets and move them to somewhere else and stack them up because they run out of places to put them in their cemeteries.
Archaeology are always digging up bones and forensics dig up bodies to solve a case.
So it really comes down to if people see a marker they will pass on detecting there, and if no marker all fine and good.
Because nobody really knows where everyone died or are buried at.

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I was on my family’s farm that had a few late 1800 tombstones found years ago. I or anyone alive today are not able to find the actual spot where they were buried. It just didn’t feel right to continue much more or thoroughly, also alot of sticks and tall grass, didn’t make swinging easy. Also, I was detecting on an edge of field were someone, committed suicide somewhere in the area by burning themselves up. Just thought I would ask, some other places people might detect, and found themselves, in an area they may have later regreted in general.

If there’s an area where there’s no markers, and no indication of the location of a Cemetery, and I was on private/family property, then I wouldn’t worry about it. I mean, how would a person know there was a Cemetery there id it’s not marked in any way? After all, it’s your family, and they’re the only ones you’d have to be concerned with, as long as they don’t have any sort of issue. Your detector isn’t capable of going to those depths.

Public/visible/non-family is a different story, which were what my comments above referred to.

So you’re saying someone’s taken all the grave markers, or you just can’t find them? The suicide thing wouldn’t bother me, unless it was someone close to me.

I’m sure there have been some people in the past who have regretted their decision to trespass, or hunt in areas where it’s strictly forbidden (against the law). If it was intentional, then they get what they deserve.

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