Easy Method to Get Permissions

This year I’ve been using the website/app Nextdoor to get a pretty sizeable number of permissions, many with a ton of history behind them.

I basically post something like the following, with a photo on the post of an interesting find:

here is what I posted along with a photo of a Civil War Naval button. Cut and paste:

Howdy everyone! One of my main hobbies is metal detecting, and the best metal detecting spots are private property with the permission of the landowners. This area is full of history, and it’s always exciting to see what undiscovered relics are out there.

I’m currently looking for permissions to metal detect with the weather hopefully turning soon. I dig almost perfect plugs, and you most often can’t tell that a dig happened. I show finds to the homeowners that might have significance or meaning to the property and enjoy leaving those finds with the homeowner if they want them.

Please shoot me a reply or message if you’re interested in allowing me to metal detect on your property. I can also provide references from home/landowners in the area that have granted me permission to metal detect before if you’d like to verify my character. Here is an album of finds from around the County if you’re interested in the type of things found. The attached photo is a naval civil war button I found on a property that has been in the owners family since the early 1800s, who had a ancestor serve in the Navy during the civil war. I was extremely happy to leave the button with him, as it had a significant tie to the property and his history. Have a great rest of your week! https://photos.app.goo.gl/DVn8njigg7Rwuw9w5

End cut and paste.

That’s it in a nutshell. What’s been happening recently is when I post it, other’s that let me detect chime in without request and give me a good reference. One lady makes a point to post each time on how she couldn’t even tell where I was digging. Please let me know if you have any questions.


That’s pretty cool. I have tried craigslist ads before with no success, too impersonal I think. I might try this, thanks.

Not to mention CL is full of people who enjoy wasting the time of others, as well as all the spammers.

I’d looked at Next Door locally before, non-existent. I printed some cards I hand out when the occasion arrives.

I post an ad on craigs for “Lost your ring or other metal objects? I can help find it”

Besides D-bags flagging it for no reason, it rarely gets a reply, but it has led to a couple permissions here and there