Drag racing

Has anybody been to the track lately?

I went last weekend. I have some videos also. I just need to figure out a video editor program on this computer. I already paid twice for adobe and didn’t want to pay again if I didn’t have to.
jet truck

Haven’t been for years. Used to live less than an hour from Raceway Park in Indy, and go regularly to the US Nationals.

Then the rules and costs got stupid.

So I stopped.

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For me that is a waste of time and lots of money. I can’t figure why anyone would pay that much money so they could lose their hearing.

I used to go race almost every weekend. Then in 2009 we needed some extra $$$ for a down payment on our home so I sold my car. It was an expensive hobby for sure but I miss it!

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I just go a few times a year to watch.

My wife and kids have never seen a top fuel dragster in person. They were not disappointed!

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