Detected Today!

Finally got out detecting today for the first time in months. 1700’s farm permission, s soon as I start swinging the owner comes out and says he doesn’t think I’ll find much, some fellas demo, Baltimore names the Hoover boys detected the place last year for a couple weeks straight.

Well, I knuckles down and managed to pull a large cent and a Buffalo, along with a 1959 Matchbox armored car that was made in England.

Work finally completely transitioned over to the new boss, so going to take a week of, decompress, and feel like a normal person again. Oh, I couldn’t help stopping by Friendly’s with my alt account and causing a dust up :rofl:


Bwaahaaahhaaa that was you? Nice finds by the way!


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I hoped you saved the “dust up”.

I’d love to read it.

Maybe I’ll give you my log in to do another “dust up”.

I did screenshot the whole thing, I posted it in that other thread where we were talking about it.

Here is that pretty sweet 1959 Matchbox armored car. This thing is pretty hefty, the made in China matchbox cars can’t touch this.

Nice! It’s been way too dry to dirt detect here :frowning: Disappointing because I have a couple early 1800’s new permissions I want to hunt.


Lemme know if you need a wingman when it’s not too dry anymore, I’ll shoot right up!

I just got a new permission up at my cabin last weekend. An 1820’s or earlier home that was once a stage stop and hotel if you’re up to it. The lady who gave me permission told me the former owner, an old women detected it long ago but lots of yard surrounded by farm fields. Once we get some moisture in the ground of course. It would be a weekend trip.


That would be sweet. I have a full roster of 1700’s farms ready to detect once crops come down this year if you ever find yourself wanting to come this way.

I can do that