Demolished House Finds

I tried out a new park this morning before it got too hot out. The park itself is not old but it is made up of a few different demolished house sites dating back to 1930s probably. The first demolished house I detected around, I found nothing but big aluminum junk and a few memorial pennies. I was hoping removing some big junk would unmask some things below but no luck there.

I then tried another demolished house in the corner of the park with part of foundation still visible. This time I had a little more luck with two wheat cents right next to each other and an old Yale padlock. The wheat cents are 1927 and 1940-something. Nothing earth shattering but I had fun looking for deep high tones around the house foundations.

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LOL, you’re keeping the finds board active!

Man I’d give anything to get out, still 100* 'til the end of next week (low 90’s), then rain and cooler temps. Might have to get out and scrape some clad out of the gravel parking lot.

Congrats on the finds, and again just getting out!

ETA: football shaped item with bolt out the end is a ground rod clamp (for electric service)

yep, grounding rod clamp. Found right next to the depression where the house sat, probably fell off when house was demolished.

I guess I am spoiled here in TN with my mid 70s, low 80s temps before noon.

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I bet that grounding rod clamp was blasting your ears.


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Yes, a nice loud & shallow mid-20s signal on the Vanquish.

If I ever get to the point of selling this god-forsaken place I currently live, TN or KY are in my sights. I’d like considerably less heat, and improved sources of research.