Creek hunting bucket lister

Went back to the creek where I found the KG II and 14k ring last week. Today found a couple of pocket watch faces, couple rifle cases and this LC. My oldest US coin so far.



That’s a great looking site!

Congrats on the finds and THANK-YOU for posting some detecting finds! lol

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Didn’t plan on going out. It’s sooooo freaking hot but my wife has jury duty this week so off to the water I went for an hour and half. Dirt hunting is a no go until we get a couple days of rain.


Wow! Thats a great find man! Way older than any of my coppers. Outstanding!

Congrats, looks great for a water coin. I have been holding off detecting too due to heat, but we have gotten some heavy rain in the past couple days. Gotta get out before the ground dries up again!!

Yeah, it’s really dry and hot here too. Walking in the water is the only option.