Crappy video I took on my phone on a recovery call

I had to hike 3 miles one way up and down sand dunes to get to the area the ring was lost at. I was whooped and messing up talking about how far it was.

The first part of the video is about finding the ring. The second part is hiking in and out.

That hike didn’t look like much fun.



Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing Steve, that hike looks like it blows chunks. Nice save though!

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The hike carrying the CTX with the 17 " coil sucked big time. That fluffy sand is killer on your knees. Metal detectors are not allowed in the area. They made me cover it with a raincoat, making it awkward to hold onto.

Here is a short clip of me whining.

I was so tired could not get my facts straight.

3 miles to the beach but 6 miles back. CTX with 7" coil? I was trying to find an uber but had no luck.

:joy: Sounds like delirium set in.