Cost of gas put a halt on everyone?

Someone’s holding out, post some finds, lol.

Looks like I might get out tomorrow, or Friday and hoping the small coil makes it today (scheduled to). Going t depend on any more rain we might get.

I went today found a little bit of clad.

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I got out today for a little bit, took today off because I have a root canal. One stupid tooth costing me $1200 with insurance. Anyhoo, tons of clad, two wheats and a silver GW. It’s a house built in 1902 and still owned by original family, and I was kind of stumped why no silver. But then the current homeowner asks me if I want any of her dads tools and takes me inside one of the out buildings and I spot 3 metal detectors in the corner. Now I know why barely any silver :joy:


Well, all set on coils now.

Is it Fall yet? LOL


Still family stuff with me.

I have 7 people at my house from Friday till Sunday.

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I’m going somewhere today, just haven’t decided if I want to dig some clad at the ball field, or hit the grassy edge of a crop field next to the creek.

I’d like to do the latter, but have concerns the farmer might see me and think I’m damaging crops, which I certainly don’t want to happen, so I’m leaning towards clad.

Mainly just wanting to try out the 5x8 coil. Maybe I can dig enough clad to buy a quart of gas…

That set up will definitely cover all your needs. I really liked that 5x8 coil.

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Yes some, but doc told me to get out and exercise so that is what i am doing. If i am lucky i will find gold.

Same here, and I wasn’t even thinking, I should have taken the CORS with me just to play with as well.

Hope you do, good luck!

Thank you. After an hour or so i start to walk like a dunk person. :rofl: