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Is this a hint? LOL

I have the subject on the “list” to discuss with Chris, of where to post these.

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I’m almost free!!! And that’s a sweet pile of coins.

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Just made two new subforums, Finds! and Whtazit??

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I’m just posting random stuff.

Figuring out how things work.

Move them or delete stuff as needed.

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Go crazy brother, nobody here to complain, test and tinker away.

LOL, dont feel bad, I’m doing the same

Sweet, I can quote tree

Google Photos

Yeeeeeeee-Hawwww! It looks great so far guys!


Welcome IDXMonster!!!

Thanks Chris! Just FYI, I don’t mind people knowing my name is Kevin and coin hunting is my game. However!….after cashing in a few pieces of gold the other week that could change very soon! I understand that finding gold isn’t easy but WOW man!:smiley: That totally made my day. I wonder if anyone is working on that angle….making gold somehow more prominent on a machine. HOW would it even be done? I understand the problems with it and certain freqs are better for this and that…it makes coin hunting look easy, which in a lot of cases it certainly is not!
Who posted the jingle pile up top? Impressive!

That pile is CW3 reminding me I don’t find enough silver :rofl: :sob:

I’m not sure how it would work…if they could find a way to separate it from just pull tabs then the ring find rate would go through the roof. I did find a way with the Deus 2 to ID and a large portion of the pulltabs using the X Y Screen, I had a 4 ring day in the dirt using it the second time out with the D2. But lately I seem to be using the Legend more.

I took your name off of your profile. I took your whole name off, but if you want me to put just the first back on let me know, but I’d say you don’t need it if you don’t want it.

That’s not all my silver.

Kevin literally measures his by the pound.

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Ok thanks! You can leave the first on if it won’t hurt anything, that’s fine.

:rofl:Yeah I gotta get in gear to keep that kettle boiling….really sucking wind lately but it’s been garbage weather this spring too as you know…

I do like the look of that! How does this never get old??:smiley:

That is interesting for sure. To see how the long term reliability of the technique works will be interesting too, even if the “tells” can give you ANY advantage at all. Keep the info and opinions on the Legend coming when you have time….:+1:

Ditto on the welcome Kevin!