Cheap Headlamp for the Night Detectorists

For about a month now Energizer has been rotating their headlamps for 50% off on Amazon. Here are the latest two that are 50 off. I have both of these and they’ve held up quite well to abuse. They come out to right around $8 and $12 shipped respectively.


I use the red ones.

I like mine to turn off in one push. Sometimes, I’m out on recovery calls late at night. If I hear someone coming I want it to turn off fast if needed.

I own about 7 of them and never had any issues with them.

Thank you for the info on this. This is the cheapest price i seen them for and they have a red light too.

I mainly night hunt.

I thought the main point of night hunting is to be as invisible as possible, or???

That’s what the red light is for, it doesn’t carry and only you’ll see it…or someone that may be within 5 feet of you.

I don’t think that’s correct FB :slight_smile:

People will still see the red light about as much as any color light. I suspect that they have a red light option, because red light doesn’t affect night vision sensitivity nearly as much as blue / white light. That’s why astronomers use red lights.

OK, let me rephrase this, and only basing it on experiences I had in the Army. If the headlamp in red light is used correctly in terms of light discipline used in military standards, IE not waved around so someone can catch the source, angled down towards the feet, it significantly reduces your light signature and has a rapid falloff compared to white/blue light, to the point where you can’t see it after you reach a certain distance. Muggles within a specific proximity will be able to catch it from the source if it’s pointing source to eye.

If all else is equal, then red light can be seen at a further distance than blue light. This is because red light has a longer wavelength, and as such, isn’t affected as much by atmospheric particles. So if anything, use a blue or white light :grin:

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I actually use the normal white light.

I use the red energizer model light. It does not have the red color lights.

I can shut it off with one button push. You don’t have to cycle through 4 different modes like other models.

If I hear a noise and don’t want to draw attention to myself, I’ll shut it off till I figure out what’s going on.

It’s a safety feature in my mind.

Now you made me pull out my old tactical operations manuals to get to the bottom of this red light debate. :joy: :rofl:

So the reason the military uses red light for night ops, in addition to the preservation of night vision like you mentioned, is due to the Purkinje Shift. The Purkinje Shift. The rods responsible for night vision in our eyes are more sensitive to shorter wavelengths, while the cones are more susceptible to longer wavelengths. That transition from day to night vision, or cones to rods and transition from longer wavelengths to shorter is the Purkinje effect, which makes red light appear darker at night than blue light. The Purkinje Shift is the reason many fire departments changed the color of firetrucks from red to yellow or blue.

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Now that it is 95° outside during the day, I am probably switching to night detecting. How many lumens do you guys think is enough (minimum) for night detecting? I want enough brightness to see what I am doing but I also want to avoid attracting attention to myself.