Cellar hole detecting

Spent 5 days at my mountain cabin over the holiday and detected around a cellar hole I found when hunting last year. Mostly late 1800’s logging related items. Iron wedges, saw blades and 4 arrows/broadheads but did dig the following relics.



Nice assortment of relics!

Correct me if I’m wrong, Elks Emblem (or badge?) that’s a neat find, button, a clay marble, what’s the thinner round object with nub on it?

Yes, Elks badge from 1913. Not a marble, it’s an oxidized musket ball. The thin object I think was part of a pendant. The round nub has a hole running thru it. Still need to clean up the button. Thanks for looking!


Must have been a drop, due to it’s perfectly round shape, why I assumed it was a marble.

5 days in the mountains finding cool relics. Can’t beat that!

Thanks for posting!

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Very nice!