Capt Bert’s Perch Pounders

There is a local guy that makes these lures called Captain Bert’s Perch Pounders, and lucky for me they are only sold at one place 4 minutes from my house called Angler’s Sports Center, a locally owned outdoor sports shop. I don’t know what HooDoo VooDoo they guy making these is putting on them but they are amazing. I could use a spinner that looks the same as this and nothing, as soon as I throw the perch pounder on it’s non-stop reeling them in. Magic I tell ya!

Magic Cooking GIF by UnusualCooking

They still making Beetle Spins? If so, try one of them, same color combo, report back.

Soooooooo, I blame you for making me look dumb this morning :rofl:

I went to Anglers to see about that, and Angler’s got a good laugh at my expense. You are talking about Bett’s Beetle Spins. They did say Betts are still making Beetle Spins, they just didn’t stock them.

But it was educational, I thought Capt Bert’s was made local, but apparently I was wrong, the gentleman Bert is out of Georgia. He does only deal with small independent shops. You’ll have to let me send a couple to you, these things are amazing. No matter what I throw them at…perch, bass, panfish, bluefish, snakehead, etc they seem to go crazy for them.

Unpossible, as I only do that to myself :rofl:

I appreciate it, but honestly I don’t know if I’ll ever fish again. I’ve got a boat equipped with gear I’m wanting to sell.

At this stage in life, I’m trying to lessen what surviving family has to deal with once I croak.

Gauntlet did someone turn you into a frog?

Close, a newt.

ETA: The rare and endangered croaking newt.

I thought Newt was on Lonesome Dove.

Never seen it.

Could be kin though, lots of us newts.

Those do work well. I have only found a good selection of them at Angler’s. Dragging the concrete seawall at the USNA is always good for a few thrills. I actually had a 10+lb channel cat hit one slowly dragging it along the wall. On my ultralight perch setup, it was a long fight.

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I haven’t fished the sewall yet, where is that at? I have fished Possom Point alot on the north side of the base.

The seawall right on the USNA PT fields. It’s the only place I think on the Academy grounds where they allow fishing and crabbing. Anyway, the wall has a wooden base under the concrete wall and below the water line that has kind of washed out and rotted through the years to create a slight overhang, perfect for the fish to lay up under and ambush or hide ambush. Simply lower the spinner down to the water and walk holding the line, it’s like trolling all up and down the seawall.

Possum Point has never been good to me. Too shallow I think and thus water too warm. What seasons do you fish there? Primary targets?