Button Kind of Day

Lot of flat and other buttons today. Also, smallest dandy style button I’ve dug. I’m pooped.

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Also found this location marker thingy. I put it back where I found it, which I’m assuming was the right thing to do.

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Nice finds! I only got out for about 45 minutes today. Got a handful of clad and one silver Rosie.


I’m on a silver drought this year….I can bang out 1700-1800 buttons but finding a silver is like being visited by a winged Pegasus. No idea what is going on this year.

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Glad you guys got out! I’m riding out the holiday until next week before I venture out.

Here’s a tidbit on a couple of your buttons Chris:

The first pair of Sweet-Orr’s overalls were made in Wappingers Falls, New York, 1871. These off the shelf garments were the dream of founder James Orr (or “Uncle Jim”).
Founded in 1920 and disolved in 1985, The Atlantic Pacific Manufacturing Corporation made life preservers and ring bouys and had contracts with the United States Navy to produce life preservers for Navy vessels.

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I haven’t got around to researching any of them, so that’s pretty cool about the company! It actually is still snapped into the thingy (totally a technical term :joy:) that it snaps into.

Those are pretty cool. I’ve only ever found one flat button, in the front yard of an 1850s house. I think it is a “RICH COLOUR” button if I remember correctly.

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I love digging flat buttons. Nice finds!