Bring a Buddy Contest!

Howdy folks! This contest involves bringing a buddy onto the forum. The prize is the 5 gram .925 silver ring.

The rules are simple. From now until next Sunday, for each buddy that you refer and joins the forum you will get one entry. Next Sunday 19 June via live stream I will tally up all the entries, throw them in a hat and mix them up, and have my son draw a winner. Here are the specific rules to follow:

  1. Reply to this post with the usernames of who you referred. Keep it to one post, update/edit your post as you add more.

  2. Only current members at the time I post this are eligible. There will be a new one each week!

  3. No need to tune in to the live stream to win. I will reach out to the winner to get shipping information.

That’s it in a nutshell. If this contest format is a success expect some awesome new ones on the future, like a gold ring!


And the lucky winner is…me!!! Hahahahaha, I think I’m going to have to swap this out with gold to get the juices flowing.

I guess people don’t like free stuff?

I don’t have any buddies.

I come from a long line of hermits.

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Wasnt here soon enough to take part in this drawing :disappointed: