Bracelet Maybe?

Finally got out detecting after non-stop work. Todays keeper pile isn’t too shabby. Not sure what that one thing is, some sort of ladies jewelry maybe?


I’d say more along the lines of a belt. Using the Barber Half as size-reference, she’d have to be a big-ol-gal to wear a bracelet that big.

Congrats on getting out and finding some nice coins!

I found it in a church backyard, which makes the thought that it is a belt just a little bit hilarious :joy:

Nice group of finds! Love seeing the Barber! Like Gauntlet, I’m thinking 70’s style hippie belt.


LOL, Church folks wear belts ya’ goober :stuck_out_tongue:, and to add, not everyone who uses Church property is an attendee.

That’s all assuming you meant someone “dropped trow”.

Nice job on the old coins. Still looking for my first barber quarter.

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Hahaha, well I was trying to picture all the different ways a belt can break off and…well…ummm…

This church is on a four way intersection surrounded completely by wheat fields, so if something was going on they were some brave folks.

After reading silvers post, I realize that is a quarter, not a half. Still too big for a bracelet, lol.

Heck, you never know, kids could have been playing with it, could have gotten broke in the back seat and pitched out the window.


Here is why I thought it was a bracelet, sitting on my skinny wrist. I always see ladies wearing big loud costume type jewelery like this on Sundays around here. But I can see hippy belt now too.

Thanks silver! This was actually my first Barber quarter, which made it a great day out.

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Nice coins.

Well congrats on the first Barber quarter. I have gotten dimes and a half but never a quarter.