Battery holders for Garrett and Fisher 1200's

Being the clutz I am, I dropped the battery holder (loaded with batteries naturally) on the floor and broke it. LOL, haven’t even used the detector yet (rolling eyes).

Anyway, I knew the holders were extremely similar to those in my Fisher 1265X, so after comparison, exactly the same, so I am currently covered with a spare (actually 1265x uses 2 of them).

Anyway, just wanted to share a source I found for cheap replacements. I ordered 10 holders for $1 each, plus just under $10 shipping, so just under $20 total, That beats paying $5 each elsewhere.

I have purchased from them before. Order placed Friday, and I just got the USPS email delivery is scheduled for Tuesday, so that’s not bad considering the Holiday weekend.

To be clear, no affiliation with the company, simply passing along am inexpensive alternative. The carry lots of other styles, in the event these aren’t what you need, might be worth a look.

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Funny, I broke one of them also when swinging the AT Pro. Nice to know there is a cheap way to replace. Never would have thunk it to look, I just went right to a dealer to order a replacement.

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Wanted to update, just received (10) battery holders. They are exactly the same and look to be of the same quality.

I’m not going to load one up with batteries and give it the drop test to find out however, lol.

ETA: I’d actually just went out to the barn, and loaded 4 batteries into one of these holders, and put it into the ATP.


That’s good to know. I need a battery holder for a vintage Whites Coinmaster!