Batteries and Chargers

Battery and Charger info

The battery pod.

In order to get to the battery, you need to take the shrink wrap off. I usually heat it up with a heat gun, and it comes right off and can be reused.

Once you get the shrink wrap off, you need to take out the two set screws. That requires a 2mm Allen wrench.

Once you get the set screws out, you can pull the end cap out. You might need to gently use a razor blade to break the sealant if one was used in the past.

Then you can pull the battery assembly out. This one has disposable batteries, and I wanted to get them out of the pod before they leak. I just bought this Excal last week.

Chargers from Minelab


This is the first charger with my first Excal from about seven years ago. I don’t care for them because they have no reference when the battery is fully charged.


I searched on the net for an Excal smart charger and found this one. It has a light that turns green when the battery is fully charged. It has worked great for the last four years.


I bought a new Excal last March, which came with this smart charger. I like this charger the best because it has more lights giving you more info on what it’s doing.

Here is info on OBN’S batteries he was making. All credit goes to him.