August 1st Finds

Spent three hours today at the same demolished farmhouse where I found the Coca Cola watch fob last time. Here are the finds excluding aluminum junk (so excluding most of my finds, haha). Spent majority of my time in the backyard area today.

In the center is half of a small Corbin padlock, nice coin signal. Two mystery brass things on the right. The Pond’s Cold Cream Jar (1940s I think) and the small medicine flask were found when digging up mason jar lids behind the house. Definitely stumbled on the bottle/trash pit area. When I was digging for another target I obliterated a green soda bottle with my shovel! Unfortunately since this is public property I can’t really dig for bottles.

For the coin department, did find a couple 1970s quarters (not pictured).

The brass thing on the far left is an old trunk lock. Excelsior Lock Mfg Co NY, Pat’d Nov 1 1864. Pretty neat find if you ask me, and the oldest dated item I have found at this place so far. You can see the keyhole although it is rusted. This lock would have acted like a hinge from what I can tell.

Thanks for looking, keep swinging!

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Found the original patent, it’s U.S. patent #44869.

Cool! Guessing the clear bottle is medicine? Any idea on the little white jar?

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Yes clear bottle is medicine flask with what looks like milliliters marked up the side. White milk glass jar is Pond’s Cold Cream. “POND’S” embossed on aluminum screw-top lid and on bottom of jar.