Anyone ever have any luck with out of state property owners

granting permission over a phone call?

The property I’d asked about with what’s possibly the racetrack, I located the owner (via Regrid ) and looked up the name/location and got a phone number.

I’m going to give her a call later today and take a shot to see about permission. Not sure at this point, but some of it looks to be farmed (if not all but there are some standing trees), and if so I’d tell her I’d be open to meeting and discussing it over with the person farming the property, if that would put her more at ease.

Either way I’ll update with the results of the call.

I’ve never had success even contacting out of state owners. One thing to try would be to talk to nearby property owners, asking about the property you’re interested in. I think out of state owners might have someone nearby looking over their property.

In my case I found an old farm property that was inherited by an out of state owner. I noticed that a relative of the owner lives across the street, so he might be managing the property and could give me permission or at least ask the owner. I tried door knocking there once but no one was home. Going to try again when I am back in that part of town.

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Years ago, before I learned what little I currently know about mapping, I would check with neighboring farms about a property I was interested in to find out the owner.

I checked, nobody else with the same name (not that it means they aren’t family). I’m just going to call her (probably tomorrow now), and if I don’t make contact or get a no, I’ll simply move on. There’s lots of dirt out there.