Anyone detecting this weekend?

I tend to stay home on weekends and holidays, simply because being retired I have that option to avoid the “masses”.

I wanted to go Friday, but they must have let school out, and since I was just going to take the new AT Pro to a ball diamond to familiarize myself with, so it wasn’t a major loss.

I’m still itchin’ to get out somewhere, lol anywhere. Being mostly a field hunter, it’s going to be a while before those are available to get into. On the plus side, there are some winter wheat fields I’ll be keeping a watch on soon, as those have been long-standing permissions.

So someone post up a recent hunt. Hell, make one up if ya’ have to, I need a fix!

I’m on my way out now for a CT scan, then after that a hunt. It’s super wet because non stop rain yesterday, so gonna be some sloppy holes!

Tomorrow I’m linking up with OBN for some beach action.

I’ll make it out at some point.

Today is work around the house and get the dogs shots up to date.

Good luck with the hunt, and scan Chris!

Same for you CW3, I’ve gotta get off my rump today and finish cleaning the shed. I’ve got it to the point I can at least get in the door.

I expect to see finds pics from both of you later :sunglasses:

I’m going back out to my local fairgrounds which dates back to about 1910. They are doing construction work on it, and in one area, have scraped off about the top 8". It’s kind of a “Holy Grail” site.

I hunted there for about 2 hours a couple of days ago. No clad and 12 silvers with the oldest being a 1902 5 cent piece. Got a bunch of large cents as well, but they’re too corroded to even read a date.

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Dang, huge congrats! I need to find a site like that, lol. 12 silvers in a couple hours?

Go buy a lottery ticket!

(Hope there’s pics posted)

It’s definitely a once in a lifetime site. I think I’ll give up land detecting when I’ve hunted it out lol. Well, I’m kind of serious about that.

The area scraped is about 20’ x 200’ feet. Most of the coins were at one end of it, so I’m thinking that end had a concession stand of some sort back in the early 1900’s. I was cherry picking, and every 2 or 3 swings, there was a glorious coin tone. So much so, that 90% of my time, I was digging and not swinging.

There’s also 4 very large mounds of dirt sitting there, so I’m hoping they spread that back out.

Well, I could see how a place like that could tend to spoil a person.

That is a bit odd, must have been something in that spot that had coins changing hands.

Never know, you could hit another similar patch there, or similar site elsewhere.

I’d be climbing those piles with a detector in the meantime.

Honestly, even before I found that site, I was coming close to giving up on land detecting for numerous reasons.

You water hunt too?

I’d have a hard time giving any of it up (permanently), but I’ve not done any water hunting to speak of either. I have however, taken breaks here and there.

I started water hunting this season. I find it a lot more difficult than dirt hunting. Especially with the clay bottoms I have here.

Something I’m wanting to try (creeks/small rivers). Right now is snake season, so no big hurry. Which means if it’s something I do follow through with, probably be looking at a dry suit. Haven’t priced them, but depending on that and the price of a decent scoop, I may change my mind.

I can dirt hunt here pretty much 365, with no further investment. Might have a hard time changing that, at least until things improve.

Once you get to the point of the control housing being submerged, it all becomes very cumbersome and uncomfortable.

Put it this way, I’m in heavy shoulder waders, and I have my detector, my scoop, and a floating platform to dump the clay, all tethered to me…plus wired headphones. Add to that, I can’t see the coil, I sink in the clay, and it takes a lot of effort to walk. But wait, there’s more! lol. It’s very much harder than I ever imagined, to swing a detector in deeper water.

Sounds like the “deeper” water is something I’d have to avoid, due to knee issues. My “good” one is bad, and the “bad” one worse. Can’t imagine getting the bad one suctioned into the muck.

I guess it’s mostly depend on the make-up of the bottom. Nothing I was ready to jump into right away anyway. Beaches might be the best option for me. Corp of Engineer lakes locally, which require a Permit, which I’ve taken the time to get a couple times, and not a problem for approval. That would for the most part, alleviate the snake issue as well.

Might be something I do, now that they’re (the beaches) are open again. at least it would be detecting, and beat thinking about it, Plus, ya never know.

Which still leaves me scoopless, but for sand, I could get by with a less expensive one for starters.

I feel the hamster running in the wheel in my head…

I agree with you COMPLETELY. I detected beaches and water in Hawaii when I was stationed there but it was simple, all I needed was my Excalibur, mask, and weight belt. When I got a target I would just go down and fan it out of the sand. Here on the east coast is wayyyyy different, and exactly like you describe…I feel clumsy, like a baby giraffe trying to walk on ice. But I’m committed to getting comfortable with it this summer, and get into a rythym where I’m in the water during hot weather and dirt once it start cools off. I can’t see myself completely committing to one or another, but following the weather would be a good balance for me.

“A baby giraffe trying to walk on ice” LOL! That’s almost a perfect description. I’ll add to it:

A baby giraffe trying to walk on ice, that has to hold stuff, is tethered to stuff, and is wearing heavy stuff :grin: