Anybody home?!?

No new posts or activity in over two weeks?!?

Everybody posting elsewhere?

I scan about 8 detecting sites off and on.

All have been pretty slow other than TNet and Friendly.

I don’t do metal detecting pages on FB.


I think everybody but me and you left the building.

I’m here but hunting season is priority now. Very little detecting being done.


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I found a flying eagle cent saturday. I see this site has been dead as far as post go. Not much activity. I have been busy with cutting firewood and other things.

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Same here. Cutting, splitting and stacking. Did manage these last couple weeks from a colonial farm cornfield next to my place. :grinning:



Nice find Greybeard!

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I had trouble getting on the site for a while just got on today.

I went on a few hunts but all I found was clad.

Nice find

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