Any privy diggers here?

Was something I’d always wanted to do, at least once. Had I ever actually done it, and was the least bit successful though, I’d probably do it again.

I would like to try it at my family’s farmhouse, but I wouldn’t know where to begin in trying to locate where the outhouse was. We have found a few old bottles just walking around the property.

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Here ya go…

I have wanted to do it. Like MD, it all comes down to permissions. I have found a lot of old bottle dumps in the woods from an old slate mining operation. Nothing terribly old, the coolest bottles I found were from a distillery that was only actually running 6 months before Prohibition started, making it somewhat rare. Like everything else I dig, it’s value is more personal and intrinsic in nature. But it is hard work and if you live in a heavy frost/thaw zone–good luck finding many intact.

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I know the area where one was but never dug in it yet. Also know where one is at.