Alright, help me decide on a somewhat inexpensive scoop

Understand the “you get what you pay for” and “buy once, cry once” mindset. That said, I’m just looking for a “starter” scoop, as it won’t see a tremendous amount of use anytime soon. If that changed, I’d upgrade to a better quality scoop.

I’m looking at this time of $100-125 price range. What little reading I’d done before, size matters. I’m not opposed to having to make 2-3 attempts initially to scoop a target. Since you’re basically doing it somewhat blind, I’d assume that would improve with practice, same as anything else.

Opinions on Quest Scopal?

There’s this version for about $127:

And the same scoop less the handle for about $7 less. Thoughts? Also opinions on handle vs no handle?

Oh, already have my floating sifter built.

I have that Quest Scoopal, just not thy version with the handle at the head. It’s held up over quite a long run of use, but just note that it’s a tiny scoop by scoop standards. I never got a target first scoop

You know, I didn’t pay attention to the dimensions. I was looking at the “Dunes” and just spaced it.

Dune Hydra 11x8 for $100

That looks good. My neighbor has one of these CooB scoops, the first pic, and it’s really well built. Made by a guy in Australia I believe.

The Dune is actually slightly thicker material, 2mm vs the 1.5 in the top one you posted. Other than that, they look like the exact same scoop.

It depends on a lot of factors. I have the 9.5 T.Rex and a carbon fiber handle.

I do recovery calls all summer. Sometimes, I’m neck deep trying to scoop a ring.

Sometimes, I wish, I had gotten a scoop more narrow. Once the scoop I have now fills up, it’s pretty heavy and hard to move off the bottom.

With a little practice you will be able to pinpoint the target and get it on the first scoop if it’s not really deep.

Depends if your hard on your equipment or digging in rocks.

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Something like that then make a longer handle.

I didn’t like the wooden handle I had. It had to much flotation to it. I had to force the scoop head down. Now the scoop is head heavy and easier to use.

That one comes with a handle.

Choices are endless.

I also carry a 4 foot driveway marker.

I use it to check how far down the hard pack is.

I was thinking about talking to one of the 3D printing guys. To make a mount that attaches to my scoop and holds the driveway marker.

Sorry, I got my scoops confused. It’s Sito I was thinking of. I’ve heard several people raving about their scoops and carbon fiber handles, especially how cheap but great their CF travel handle is.

Right now it would be pretty much sand only. Before I get too carried away, I’m going to stop by the C.O.E. building and ask if their Permit covers actually wading in the water detecting (one would think so, but I never assume when it comes to them). So if I can’t , it’s all moot for now.

Last time I applied for a permit, when I showed up at the beach, during off season drawdown, winter pool/low water, the beach looked like a war zone. Holes everywhere , at least 100 of them, couldn’t bother to kick the sand back in. They must have been in the water, because there was a wallet at the waters edge folded open, void of any cash, but DL and cards still there. I’d been told 1 or 2 of the C.O.E. guys detect, so I’m guessing the word got to them a detecting permit was issued, so they cleaned-up before I got there.

I’d been shopping a bit on Serious, that’s where I priced the scoop I mentioned above. They’re SITO scoops are out of stock, but I liked the appearance of them.

Doubt I’d spend the $ on a travel or carbon fiber handle. One piece oak would work for me. Those cheaper galvanized ones, I’d probably crush the 1st time I used it.

I watch The Hoover Boys and they do a bit of water detecting, and heard mention of putting a foot down just behind the target to mark it while you get your scoop in place. I could see how that could help, at least from an armchair standpoint.

This is what I do. Just like I use the wiggle back method to pinpoint, in the water I wiggle up until I just lose the signal, then I position the scoop at the tip of my toe and start there. I’m just not great at it, and still haven’t gotten comfortable with my gear and seem to fight it.

I could see where it’d be a whole different learning curve. You’re pretty much pinpointing and scooping in the dark.