A few more older finds

I’d mentioned having an intact silver thimble, while it’s complete, the opening is slightly distorted (I thought it was pretty much perfect).

I’m pretty sure that’s dirt making the pink stone look to be loose/dropped in the setting.

Skeleton ring, but no match for Chris’s creepy eyeball ring (shivers)

Silver and Turquoise

Silver spoon bowl and chains

Stainless back, sterling chain and shield (what the back says)

3 Charms from Civil War Remembrance Bracelet

4th piece is the back off another, I looked to try and find more of the pieces, but couldn’t.

Tumbling some clad, pulled this out of the penny side.

Norfolk & Western RR, 2 piece, back missing. It’s the size of a penny.

Nice finds! And finding an uncrushed thimble is rare.


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Thanks! I could probably straighten it out, no worse than it is.

Very nice finds!

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Thanks! I’m setting here over coffee, and thinking every time I look at finds, regardless of who’s, I want to go find some more…as well as making my 2-3 year break from detecting more regrettable.

Watched the weather yesterday, rain in the forecast 5 of the next 7 days.

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Nice finds.

Wow, that’s a pretty awesome group of finds. I still haven’t found a thimble yet, it’s on my bucket list.

Emptied the tumbler the other day, some of the stuff I’d tossed in with the pennies:

I’ve posted the bigger N&W already, but found the smaller one in the tumbler.

Few more buttons I may have already posted, now clean.

Guessing an Employee fob

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Great finds!