A coupe alternatives to cutting plugs

Worth the watch, and I just did because it had been a while since using any method other than digging. Farm ground spoiled me, lol.

I tried this but suck at it. I think I can cut a plug pretty well and just avoid going out when the ground is too dry.


Like anything else, practice.

I’ve used a screwdriver many times, but never the slit method, but I’m going to give it a whirl, lol since I busted my HoriHori, I can use the Lesche for for this, since it’s too weak to dig with.

I have used the probe method also the slit method but not at any angle.

I used it today a couple times, seemed to work fine. After working the yard a little, I’d realized it wasn’t needed, as there were plenty of other “spots” in the yard, so I went with cutting flaps.