4 day creek wrap-up

OK, today was waaay too hot so here’s my 4 day pic of finds (less trash) from a local creek. We are finally getting rain tomorrow so maybe back to dirt hunting a few permissions I have been waiting to hunt.

Got out yesterday morning to the water and found 2 trap tags, a trade token and an IHP.



Did you find a lot of lead in the creek?

Not a whole lot.

Congrats! Nice assortment of finds. Hopefully it’s the beginning of a break for people to start getting back out, and posting about it, lol.

Paid just over $3.50/gal for gas yesterday, so hopefully it’s coming down for everyone else, which will help immensely. Still a stupid price to be paying.

Lowest gas price here is $4.56 for my wife’s car. I have a diesel truck…$5.59 :angry:


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Nice finds from hunting in the water.
Our stupid fuel prices come from the clown government we are stuck with for now.


That’s a nice haul, especially those pre 1800 coins. Did you have a quest scoop-all, but it isnt really helpful in the creeks

Scoops don’t work there. Lots of rocks so digging like a dog.


I have yet to find anything interesting in my creeks. Most of them are so muddy all year round that you cant see a dang thing, so you’re digging blind. Add to that the endless rocks, so you cant use a scoop. I have to bend down and use a hand digger to pry apart the rocks. Kinda limits me to about 2-3 feet of water. Only know of one stream that is clear enough to go under water and so far it hasnt produced anything though there has to be swim holes somewhere along it.

Nice job on the large cent!

Deepest water I was in was maybe 15". Bending down and digging blind is part of the game. Not easy, but it gets the job done.