3 cent coins

Most detectors will pass over 3 cent coins without giving a sound. On the Equinox 800 the 3 cent trime reads 16 on ID, the 3 cent nickel reads 7 on ID both of them are in with the trash signals.
In coin mode on most detectors they will be missed.
On the AT PRO using pro zero mode with zero disc. they give good signals.
On the DFX I use coin mode with changes. ratchet pinpoint off vco on along with mixed mode on.


After getting my APT (which hasn’t been that long ago), I’d ran across this:

The 3 cent (nickel) piece is shown at 49-50. I’m wondering if those numbers, as well as the others, are from “air tests”, and would it make that much difference?

The only thing on the link above at that range (mid-teens and lower) is a washer. Interesting, and just to be clear, I’ll take your word over the above link, so no doubts at all in what you’re saying. I hope one day I get the opportunity to find out for myself by finding one, lol.

That kind of relates to something I’d read this AM over at Finds, and it basically explains why I never felt pushed to switch from using Tesoros. I’d stated many times, the only way to know what’s under the coil is to dig it.

And most detectorISTS will pass over said coins, because they are too busy cherry picking and dont want to deal with the trash that comes with finding coins that are in the trash range. Thats fine; more gold coins for me (I think; I havent found one yet!! :smile:)
Nothing wrong with avoiding trash if you can, but you really should be site aware when you eliminate the trash signals. If its an old site, you avoid the lower IDs at your own risk. I’ve found two three cent nickels with the Nox and believe the ID was 8, coulda easily been 7, but I was in dig everything mode because it was a site from the mid 1800s with great potential for hard to find bucket listers.

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I’ve been detecting 20 years and didn’t even know there were 3 cent coins. I will say, and this holds true no matter what, all of my most unique unexpected finds have always been with a screenless detector, the Tesoros and my DeepTech Vista X. When I take away the ability to cherry pick, unique finds for me come flying out of the ground. With the Deus 2 I’ve tried to put the control pod away and treat it like a beep dig, but the temptation gets too great and I pull it out to look. I wish I had more self-discipline.

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I always wonder, if so many can tell what a signal is, in order to “cherry pick”, and they post their days “diggin’s”, why do they dig any trash?

If they can’t distinguish a bad signal from good, how can they tell a good one from bad?

Sometimes, sure, you can have a pretty good idea on a “good” signal, but I don’t like wondering what I’d just passed-over. I’d dug many LC’s and IHC’s that were crappy signals.

I’m not sure how others do it, but when I intentionally cherry pick what I’m doing is only digging copper penny signals and above, and only tight coin sized signals. I seldom cherry pick deliberately through an entire hunt, usually I reserve it for when I only have an hour to hunt and I want to pop some coins. The other time I’ll cherry pick is if I’ve been hunting for hours and getting wore out, but want to keep on going.

When I am cherry picking it’s a give in for me that I’m missing pretty much everything but modern clad and silver.

I very rarely cherry pick. Find so much good stuff low and mid tones.


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