1800’s Forum Farm Hunt

So for anyone that is here from Friendly’s, you may or may not remember that I scheduled a huge forum hunt at my family’s 1800’s farm a couple years ago. It went off well and many people had amazing finds (someone found a revolver!), but the best parts of the property were not detectable because my scheduling of getting the fields mowed failed.

Welp, I fixed that, and looking to do a part 2 this year. There is 26 acres to detect on a property that was one of the largest blueberry farms in the state in the late-1800’s. If you’re interested in coming this summer, let me know what your availability is so I can try to pick dates that work for the most people. PM me for the address if you want to do your own research. The zip code for travel planning is 08215. There is plenty of average, and RV’s are welcome. I also don’t mind if someone takes the lead to cross post this on Friendly’s. I have no ill will towards anyone there and still have many detecting friends there, and the last event was super fun meeting a lot of the people behind the forum personas.

It will be a 2 day event, and anyone that wants to bring an RV or tent or whatever can camp out both days. You will also be able to hook into the farm cottage for electric.

Reply here if you’re interested. The last one was a huge success and I expect this one to be also. In addition, my dad has secured permission to detect the oldest properties in the town where this is located, which is Weekstown, NJ, 08215. Date is flexible, I’ll try to accommodate the most people.

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I’m retired and game


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